When Advertisements Cancel Out Advertisements

While I was watching an episode of Always Sunny In Philadelphia, I noticed a significant change. Before the pending episode a option to stop playing advertisements for 24 hours was presented. I causiously clicked yes and saw something astounding. The action to stop playing advertisements was sponsored by H&R Block?!

The marketing apocalypse has finally come. Advertisments are literally canceling out other advertisements. Think of the advertisments that could have been. They never had a chance to live! Abortion protestors should be furious.

I’ve been reflecting on this in relation to futurists. How Ray Bradbury spawned dreams of cars speeding past landscapes of endless elongated billboards begging people to read them. Or how Phillip K. Dick imagined massive digital video screens that knew your information before you said a word.

In all futurist novel’s and movies all an advertisor wants is a larger share of voice directly relatable to its audience. Is H&R Block’s advertising strategy any different? Is any advertising stategy any different?

All that and more right after this commercial break.

Did you like that advertisment? It doesnt sell Zune, however it makes me want to control factions of cute warring stuffed animals

A Case Study: Hulu vs. H&R Block.

What happens when an advertisor buys media space with the sole purpose of blocking out all other advertisements?  Two possible answers occur to me. 1. Your media provider explodes creating a rip in the fabric of time space. 2. I should send my resume to the Advertising Firm that represents H&R Block. Both answers are plausible explanations for why an advertisors would do such an audaciously cool thing.  

1. The advertisor’s redundancy will fold apon itself creating a casym in the fabric of time and space.

When two contradictory forces fuse together it creates a rip in time space, distroying everything within a 1000 kilometer radius. Ussually, these contradictory forces are electromagatism and gravity. The only places in the universe in which both forces colide are black holes.  The unification of these two forces is known as Unified Field Theory.

Wikipedia, the bastard son of the oxford english dictionary states, “In physics, a unified field theory is a type of field theory that allows all of the fundamental forces between elementary particles to be written in terms of a single field. There is no accepted unified field theory yet, and this remains an open line of research. The term was coined by Albert Einstein who attempted to unify the general theory of relativity with electromagnetism”.

 The postulation of a unified field theory was Eienstien’s dieing conundrums. It’s theory was trying to find a plausible common ground between the forces of gravety and electromagetic force

2. The advertisor is brilliant…BRILLANT!


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