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Old Spice Campaign


There comes a time in everyones life when they realize they need to use some sort of deodorant in order for people to like them more. Thankfully, my deodorant lets me feel like an NFL linebacker riding a giant undomesticated bird that can transcend time space with lazer beam eyes and rocket feet. The hilarious absurdity of this entire campaign makes me want cover myself in Old Spice propaganda, walk into Axe’s headquarters with a paintball gun and go non-lethal rambo on everybody’s asses.

Dive in for videos of muscular black men saying funny sh&t.

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The 2011 Toyota Highlander Campaign


Meet Nathan Junior (the boy), a pretentious 8 or something year old who is wayy to forward thinking to ride in anything less than a new factory produced japanese SUV. Nathan Junior looks like a little version of Jesse Eisenberg that got drugged, left in a ditch, and woke up covered in H&M clothes. Regardless, the copy is well written and the thinking behind it is half decent.

SIDE NOTE: Notice the boy oddly caressing the car. I don’t even know what to say about that.

Dive in for more tv executions with “Nathan” saying some ridiculous Sh%t.

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F&%K Robots!

Article 5 out of the 10 pillar mission statement  for the web start-up I intern at states, “Automation – Machines WILL rule the world someday”. That may be true, but it doesn’t mean I’m looking forward to it.

Launched in 2005 by New York agency Amalgamated, this five year mental abomination has finally gotten off the streets of Boston. Recently, the high reach Svedka billboard was taken down outside of my house, never to plague the skies again. The concept is simple, young adults love the future. It explains why every 20+ prays to Apple and wears golden jump suits from American Apparel.

The transition from future to strange animatronic sex bot is obvious, but just to slam it home they have the tagline “VOTED #1 VODKA OF 2033”. Great, so now I have to wait 23 years till this tasteless cheap garbage water ferments enough for me to enjoy it.

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