The 2011 Toyota Highlander Campaign


Meet Nathan Junior (the boy), a pretentious 8 or something year old who is wayy to forward thinking to ride in anything less than a new factory produced japanese SUV. Nathan Junior looks like a little version of Jesse Eisenberg that got drugged, left in a ditch, and woke up covered in H&M clothes. Regardless, the copy is well written and the thinking behind it is half decent.

SIDE NOTE: Notice the boy oddly caressing the car. I don’t even know what to say about that.

Dive in for more tv executions with “Nathan” saying some ridiculous Sh%t.

Advertisers love to mimic real life situations in order to make products relatable to their target audience. Having a wise cracking boy talk sh%t about how nerdtastic his parents are is one of those “real life” scenarios. When I was 9 years old all I wanted were Pogs, Batman action figures, and a friend(s). Kids really must have it hard now a-days if they have to worry about the coolness of their parents ride. Another of Toyota’s T.V. spot states:

“While he’s alittle lame [the father], but I love the guy! So, I try to help him out. Step one was getting him into a Highlander. It’s got the stuff parents want, like the star safety standard. It’s also got a little of that je ne sais qou that takes him to the le madrais.”

I think Nathan Junior was in Baby Geniuses because he not only lays out a step by step program for parental coolness, but he also speaks french!?! If my son ever told me I wasn’t cool I’d drape myself in an American Flag, smoke a cigg, chug a beer, take out a gun full of blanks and shoot them off screaming, “Who’s not cool now!” That would put Nathan junior in his f&%king place.

Every T.V. spot ends with the The 2011 Highlander written like its a title sequence in “Where the Wild Things Are” as the crossover SUV rides into dusk.

I’m torn between thinking this campaign will sell Highlanders or if it just really makes me want to beat the “Nathan Junior” out of a smart mouthed little kid. I’m giving it a 3/5 because some of the copy is kinda ballsy and the kid does a nice job playing a pretentious know it all.


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One response to “The 2011 Toyota Highlander Campaign

  1. Kathy

    I hate that little boy! Little children don’t talk like this!

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