Old Spice Campaign


There comes a time in everyones life when they realize they need to use some sort of deodorant in order for people to like them more. Thankfully, my deodorant lets me feel like an NFL linebacker riding a giant undomesticated bird that can transcend time space with lazer beam eyes and rocket feet. The hilarious absurdity of this entire campaign makes me want cover myself in Old Spice propaganda, walk into Axe’s headquarters with a paintball gun and go non-lethal rambo on everybody’s asses.

Dive in for videos of muscular black men saying funny sh&t.

This advertising campaign rapped in a bad mescaline trip is the brain child of Wieden + Kennedy with the help of some outside “creative talent”. The strategy is simple, old spice lets you smell great. It is an over-saturated non differentiating claim that everyone in Old Spice’s market environment makes. Instead of dilly dallying around with boring copy and some clean shaven white man holding the product, Old Spice takes viewers on a drug induced advertising coma with Ray Lewis screaming fantastically written copy at you. The website keeps on strategy with scroll over pop up’s stating:

“Home = is where the old spice is – Products = Gentlemans Stockade – Videos = Make Your Eyeballs Smell Good – Racing = Where Pleasing Aromas & Fast Cars Collide – Downloads = Let Our Server Make Love to Your Computer – Where to Buy = Follow Your Nose to Fragrant Man Goods – Blog = Man Thoughts – Swag = Don’t Just Smell Good–Look Like You Smell Good”

I don’t know if my computer can make love to a server, but if it did it would probably sound like logging into dial-up internet or two fat people after a long jog.

Old Spice’s other executions follow a similar wtf did I take last night motif. However, the actor specifically adresses women instead of men. The purpose of this goes back to the executive summary, people don’t wear deodorant for themselves, they wear it for other people. By addressing women in an advertisement obviously for a men’s product, old spice taps into its consumer’s salient wants to make long hot plum balled love to a lady. For that reason alone, I give these executions a big explosive lazer beamed double thumbs up.


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