Charlie Baker Digs Holes: Bay State Future Campaign


I always thought people liked holes ever since that book I read in 6th grade and the Shia LeBeouf movie that was produced shortly after. Apparently, Charlie Baker loves to dig them like a ravenous meth addicted dog searching for its next big fix underneath a fencepost. Normally, I would stay away from a political smear campaign. They are usually under produced and say ridiculous sh$t about the other party. However, when a smear campaign has a full buyout of’s 30 second ad breaks, it is hard to not wonder wtf is up.

Dive In for more information on “Bay State Future” and why they would target such a niche website that serves primarily 18-24 year old males.

Bay State Future is a non-affiliated affiliation of the Democratic Party. It’s commercial cleverly attacks Charles Baker, the Republican Candidate for Governor, with a lotting billions of dollars to the “Big-Dig”. The “Big-Dig” was a decade long construction nightmare that tore the streets of Boston apart and left the city in finical peril. The advertisement plays on the negative perception of this construction project by portraying Charlie Baker deep within a hole, continually trying to dig deeper. The advertisement isn’t particularly bad in any way. Also, the use of reputable 3rd party news sources as quotes gives all of the accusations significantly more credibility.

As the spot end’s it points to Bay State Future’s website and the founder of the organization Barbra Weniger. I couldn’t help but wonder, who the f&%k are these Bay State Future people? I went to Bay State Future’s website, which hasn’t been updated since September 30th, and I was surprisingly  disappointed. The site should have been called “F%@k You Charlie”. The layout is similar to my 8th grade Xenga account, with a sloppy tagline and unreadable text.

If Bay State Future can’t even afford a half decent web designer, how can it afford a multi-million dollar advertising campaign? The answer is…it can’t, it’s a section 527 non-profit. Blogger Brian Moony from writes:

“The more than $2 million worth of negative ads, aired by Bay State Future to help Patrick win reelection, were bankrolled by the Democratic Governors Association, with help from the Massachusetts Teachers Association and Local 1199 of the Service Employees International Union.”

Great, politicians can use non-profit’s to peddle smear campaigns about other politicians, but they don’t want any affiliation. If your publicly denouncing an opposing politician or product, you could call your organization “The Awesome Fireworks and Freedom for America Party” and it still won’t matter. Moral of the story, people arn’t stupid, so don’t call a black dog a brown cat if ya know what I’m sayin. Regardless, the TV spot is one of the better political spot’s I’ve seen…givin it the ol’ 3/5!


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