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Miller Time with QuestLove – Ad

3_threepoint_ratingEXECUTIVE SUMMARY

Bros. They come in all shapes, sizes, and ethnic backgrounds. Miller Lite does a great job of illustrating a common formula: Bros + Fame + Money = Partying, Women, and Beer. Plus, when your bros with QuestLove, you’re bros with the coolest mofo this side of the Mississippi. In this ad, a group of strangely diverse men hang out with QuestLove, the famed conductor of the Roots. The ad opens with “the crew” entering QuestLove’s massive warehouse of debauchery with a case of Miller Lite. First off, if my friends entered into my palacio estate (one room apartment) and they brought me Miller Lite, I’d slap them across the face. Miller Lite is a beer reserved for when I run out of pocket change and I have to have my booze fix any which way.

After “the crew” walks into QuestLove’s door, the guy who looks like Kevin Hart (but isn’t) says, “We brought more Miller Lite”. QuestLove responds with an emphatic, “cool!”, which is probably the best thing you can say about a beer that costs less than water. Then the ad cuts to QuestLove dropping a classic drum and base track and the shenanigans begins. “The crew” and QuestLove have a montage of scenes showing off how cool it is to be friends with rich people. They see a record collection the size of the library of congress, get women to buy them beer, and take a jet to Thailand for a house party. The celebration of life ends with “the crew” and QuestLove entering a private plane with the tagline “It’s not just a good time, it’s Miller time.” The premise of this advertisement is crazy enough to work decently and QuestLove’s line delivery is so emphatic it’s hilarious, which is why this ad get’s 3 out of 5.

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Windex Touch-Up Cleaner – Ad



Must Clean EVERYTHING. Clean the counter, clean the sink, clean the toilet, clean the microwave, clean the fridge. Things must be cleaned and they must be cleaned with Windex! This is an ad for an innovative new form of Windex container that you dab, rather than spray. A good idea with a absurd advertisement.

The madness of this ad kicks off with a couple of talking crows jabbering on like the two old men from the Muppets. “Check it out! A new way to clean, from Windex!”, the crow impersonating Gilbert Gottfried says. Then, a women  dances around a moderately priced home and hacki-sacks some paper towels into a trashcan. Children and a husband appear out of the wood work and she proceeds to chase them around the house. The advertisement ends with the young mother happy to leave the disinfected war zone and Muppet birds dancing. Overall, I couldn’t figure out if I just watched a commercial or I hallucinated from huffing way too much Winddddeeeexxxxxxx. I liked the feeling and the snazzy new container, which is why it only got a 2.5 out of 5.

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Windows 8 Tablet: Less Talking, More Doing – Ad



F&^k Siri. That lady in my phone always gets it wrong. Whenever I ask it to make me a sandwich it always says, “I’m sorry. I do not know what you are looking for”. Plus, the sex is awful. Which is why I applaud Windows for taking that b%itch down a notch. In one of their latest advertisements, Windows attempts to make their Windows 8 Tablet a little less mundane by directly comparing it to the iPad.

This Windows ad pokes holes in the iPad’s previously simplistic executions, while asserting that its product is superior. The copy is chalk full of a faux Siri’s voice spouting pro Windows rhetoric, while an omnipresent hand shows how the Windows 8 Tablet is the best thing since the written word. The only thing that this advertisement falls short on is a tagline outside of its price point. Other than that, it’s a solid 4 out of 5.

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Toshiba Ultra HD TV – Ad



In a world where everyone is really excited about pretending to be well traveled, one man has a television… and that television is a Toshiba.  The unnamed bearded hero in this ad fools his friend, defrauds his coworkers, and cons two separate gaggles of women. The only thing this advertisement is missing is the soundtrack from Catch Me If You Can.

Overall, Toshiba does a nice job of trying to communicate to their apparently upper middle class target of dumb girls and ignorant guys. The ironic humor behind it all has a nice enough pay off, but the ad falls short on actually making me want to buy a TV. Instead, I just want to pose in front of one and see if I can convince my grandma that I went back to the holy land (Disney World).

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10 Reasons to Restart an Advertising Ratings Blog

It may be obvious, but I haven’t blogged in roughly 3 years. My absence was largely due to starting my professional career. But professional careers are so professional, yah know? I believe everyone should have some outlet for absurdity. Back when I started this blog (when I was actually an intern), I envisioned a satiric irreverent look at the ad industry, while giving that industry’s work a rating.

With that in mind, here are 10 reasons why you should restart an advertising ratings blog or any blog for that matter.

10. The Gods have called upon me

tumblr_m726858b4m1rsy50kThor just came out in theaters and I saw it as a sign from Valhalla. Sometimes you have to do something silly, just like creating a second Thor movie. The only disappointing thing was they didn’t call it Thor II: The Thorarning.

9. Right Place, Right Time

tumblr_mvbsssNrfA1sh0dsto1_500Blogs are in like a Subreddit Twitter feed. I figure I can capitalize on this trend. In the words of the kanesian philosophers, the Wu-Tang Clan, “Cash Rules Everything Around Me, CREAM get the money. Dolla dolla bills ya’ll”.

8. Grow a Larger Network

matrix_revolutions_fieldIt’s like virtual horticulture or something like that. I tried to water my computer so my network would grow, but that didn’t work out well.

7. Say funny things about companies I secretly hope to work for

tumblr_lxv7ou0lEE1r3bteso1_r1_400It’s true, I work for a good company now and I’d be honored to work with anyone or anything I would joke about. Life is great. Just Do it. and uh… Diamonds Are Forever.

6. A Creative Outlet

best_animated_gif_nuclear_explosionIt’s like a power outlet, but the only bill you pay is after you drink. A few beers and the ideas come as clear as a Scientologist; 6 beers and 12 hours later and you won’t have a creative thought outside of what headache medicine you should chose.

5. Rating an advertisement is all we do

2ugpgesJudging attributes of society arguably dates back to Ancient Greece. It’s like an allegory of a cave or something like that.

4. Anyone can do it

giphyAccording to conventional marketing thought, most of our day is spent subconsciously accessing 1,000’s of messages. By that rationale, everyone (including myself) should be considered an professional advertising guru rock star.

3. It never hurts to try

tumblr_inline_ml08x0UQaz1qz4rgpExcept if you’re that kitten

2. All the cool kids are doing it

billnye6Are nerds cool now or are the cool kids hipsters or are hipsters nerds? Someone please clarify.

1. For Fun

1tumblr_lgp6q5NhE21qcjtu8o1_500“I never did a day’s work in my life. It was all fun.” – Thomas Edison

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