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Windows 8 Tablet: Less Talking, More Doing – Ad



F&^k Siri. That lady in my phone always gets it wrong. Whenever I ask it to make me a sandwich it always says, “I’m sorry. I do not know what you are looking for”. Plus, the sex is awful. Which is why I applaud Windows for taking that b%itch down a notch. In one of their latest advertisements, Windows attempts to make their Windows 8 Tablet a little less mundane by directly comparing it to the iPad.

This Windows ad pokes holes in the iPad’s previously simplistic executions, while asserting that its product is superior. The copy is chalk full of a faux Siri’s voice spouting pro Windows rhetoric, while an omnipresent hand shows how the Windows 8 Tablet is the best thing since the written word. The only thing that this advertisement falls short on is a tagline outside of its price point. Other than that, it’s a solid 4 out of 5.

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Toshiba Ultra HD TV – Ad



In a world where everyone is really excited about pretending to be well traveled, one man has a television… and that television is a Toshiba.  The unnamed bearded hero in this ad fools his friend, defrauds his coworkers, and cons two separate gaggles of women. The only thing this advertisement is missing is the soundtrack from Catch Me If You Can.

Overall, Toshiba does a nice job of trying to communicate to their apparently upper middle class target of dumb girls and ignorant guys. The ironic humor behind it all has a nice enough pay off, but the ad falls short on actually making me want to buy a TV. Instead, I just want to pose in front of one and see if I can convince my grandma that I went back to the holy land (Disney World).

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