Morty Are You Listening? Swiffer Ad

4.5_rating-scale EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Old people, they’re f&%king adorable, and they smell like the bottom of a closet. Proctor and Gamble obviously know this, which is why they provided Mr. and Mrs. Koffmann (or is it Kouffman?) with a bunch of Swiffer cleaning supplies. This dynamic duo kicks off the video by talking about how awful it is to be old. They wander around their house with standard cleaning supplies and attempt daring feats like standing on a chair. Mrs. Koffman seemingly almost falls twice and the cameraman doesn’t even move, which further supports my theory that P&G only employees sentient soulless robots. As the ad progresses, a package labeled “Swiffer” arrives to save the day! It does everything, including prostate exams for Morty. Mrs. Koffman runs around the house cleaning and Morty sleeps on the couch, proving stereotypes in relationships still exist at 90 years old. The ad fades out with Morty still snoozing and the tagline: “It’s that easy, Morty #SwifferEffect”. Overall I learned two things about Swiffer, they finally figured out their target consumer, and their dusters come with a sleeping aide called #SwifferEffect, which is why I gave this heartwarming tribute to dementia a 4.5/5.


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