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Windows 8 Tablet: Less Talking, More Doing – Ad



F&^k Siri. That lady in my phone always gets it wrong. Whenever I ask it to make me a sandwich it always says, “I’m sorry. I do not know what you are looking for”. Plus, the sex is awful. Which is why I applaud Windows for taking that b%itch down a notch. In one of their latest advertisements, Windows attempts to make their Windows 8 Tablet a little less mundane by directly comparing it to the iPad.

This Windows ad pokes holes in the iPad’s previously simplistic executions, while asserting that its product is superior. The copy is chalk full of a faux Siri’s voice spouting pro Windows rhetoric, while an omnipresent hand shows how the Windows 8 Tablet is the best thing since the written word. The only thing that this advertisement falls short on is a tagline outside of its price point. Other than that, it’s a solid 4 out of 5.


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Old Spice Campaign


There comes a time in everyones life when they realize they need to use some sort of deodorant in order for people to like them more. Thankfully, my deodorant lets me feel like an NFL linebacker riding a giant undomesticated bird that can transcend time space with lazer beam eyes and rocket feet. The hilarious absurdity of this entire campaign makes me want cover myself in Old Spice propaganda, walk into Axe’s headquarters with a paintball gun and go non-lethal rambo on everybody’s asses.

Dive in for videos of muscular black men saying funny sh&t.

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