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Miller Time with QuestLove – Ad

3_threepoint_ratingEXECUTIVE SUMMARY

Bros. They come in all shapes, sizes, and ethnic backgrounds. Miller Lite does a great job of illustrating a common formula: Bros + Fame + Money = Partying, Women, and Beer. Plus, when your bros with QuestLove, you’re bros with the coolest mofo this side of the Mississippi. In this ad, a group of strangely diverse men hang out with QuestLove, the famed conductor of the Roots. The ad opens with “the crew” entering QuestLove’s massive warehouse of debauchery with a case of Miller Lite. First off, if my friends entered into my palacio estate (one room apartment) and they brought me Miller Lite, I’d slap them across the face. Miller Lite is a beer reserved for when I run out of pocket change and I have to have my booze fix any which way.

After “the crew” walks into QuestLove’s door, the guy who looks like Kevin Hart (but isn’t) says, “We brought more Miller Lite”. QuestLove responds with an emphatic, “cool!”, which is probably the best thing you can say about a beer that costs less than water. Then the ad cuts to QuestLove dropping a classic drum and base track and the shenanigans begins. “The crew” and QuestLove have a montage of scenes showing off how cool it is to be friends with rich people. They see a record collection the size of the library of congress, get women to buy them beer, and take a jet to Thailand for a house party. The celebration of life ends with “the crew” and QuestLove entering a private plane with the tagline “It’s not just a good time, it’s Miller time.” The premise of this advertisement is crazy enough to work decently and QuestLove’s line delivery is so emphatic it’s hilarious, which is why this ad get’s 3 out of 5.

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